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We Have Joined Forces With Webafrica!

Which means you’re now part of the Webafrica family too! We know that moving can be stressful, which is why it is our mission to make the shift as easy as possible and to keep you informed throughout. Check out our easy-to-follow timeline below, so you always know what is about to happen next. And if you have any additional queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Customer Zone

Manage existing services, order new services, log into your control panel and do much more via the Webafrica Customer Zone.



Submit An Email

If you can’t find a solution in Webafrica’s Knowlegebase, you can send them an email. They aim to answer all our support emails within 2 hours.


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Phased Migration Timeline

Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica

Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Serve-Hosting’s vision was always to provide our customers with the best personalised hosting experience, and to make that vision a reality moving forward, we are joining forces with a hosting company with a vision very close to our own – Webafrica.

Webafrica has been communicating with you via email, please check your inbox for further details. Alternatively email

Webafrica looks forward to having you as part of the family.

1 March 2016
Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica
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Introducing Webafrica

Webafrica has sent you a welcome email, and is really excited to have you on board.

Their team will make sure you get the same stellar service you've become accustomed to from Serve-Hosting.

Please check your inbox for important information on:

  • Your new Webafrica account and access details
  • Migration date and what to expect
  • Billing changes
  • Your services
  • Customer support

If you’d like to know a little bit more about Webafrica, the Largest Independent ISP in South Africa, simply click here.

2 March 2016
Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica

You Are Now Part Of The Webafrica Family

Congratulations you are now part of the Webafrica family. Webafrica has created your new customer accounts, and provided you with details to access their Customer Zone where you can manage existing and order new services.

Webafrica has also sent an important email communication on the following topics:

  • Migration date and time
  • Changes to your hosting package
  • Hosting server IP changes
  • Required optional DNS updates
  • The new customer support process

Refer to the email that you received for more information or drop us an email at

14 March 2016
Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica

Migration Starts

Webafrica begins the phased migration (done in batches) of all hosting services from Serve-Hosting to their state-of-the-art data centre in Cape Town.

You'll receive another communication from Webafrica closer to your actual migration event, explaining what to expect during the move.

So keep your eyes on your inbox!

For more information shoot us an email at

31 March 2016
Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica
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Migration Ends

Congratulations, your move is complete and you're officially a fully-fledged Webafrica customer!

We love feedback, so let us know if there were any hitches or if you simply want to sing our praises via

We’re glad to have you as part of the family!

15 April 2016
Serve-Hosting Joins Forces With Webafrica

Domains Transfer Starts

We have some great news! The transfer of all hosting services has gone smoothly, which means that it is time for domains transfers. This is where we start the transfer of your domains over to Webafrica – a process which will be completed in batches from 15 to 22 April 2016. We do not need you to do anything for this process to be completed successfully. While you will receive a transfer notice, you can safely ignore it.

Please Note: Do not decline the transfer when you receive your notice! As always, you can reach us on email at if you need more information.

15 April 2016