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3 Types of SEO Reports Your Business Needs

3 Types of SEO Reports Your Business Needs

With many businesses using online solutions and adopting technologies rapidly through the pandemic, no company can ignore SEO. The power of search engines will evolve to empower organizations who know how to use them. If you want your business website to stay competitive in 2021, here are 3 types of SEO reports your business needs.

Report 1: Website Health Audit

Health audits help to understand the overall health and performance of your website. Key to this is your on-page SEO (internal) and referring domains (external). This report will provide an overview of your backlinks and detailed information about your website pages. While Google may not always reveal its algorithmic secrets, our team of SEO experts at Adclick Africa know that strong backlinks can help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Report 2: Paid Search & Organic Keywords

Identify keyword opportunities for SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by running a paid keyword audit. It will identify the top keywords and the paid search position for relevant keywords. This report will help you evaluate the competitiveness of your current keywords. It is also a valuable resource for finding more keyword ideas for your content. Bidding on irrelevant keywords will never yield results, so don’t waste your paid media budget on keywords you don’t need.

Report 3: SEO Competitor Analysis

Check your competitors’ domain authority, page authority, and backlinks. If you want to dig deeper, look at which keywords your competitors are ranking for? What are the relevant content/keyword gaps between you and your competitors? What kind of content does your competitor create to rank higher for industry-related keywords?

These are the three main types of SEO reports every business needs. By having the foundations in place for your website, you can ensure you stay top of mind and in the face of your consumer at all times. Run an SEO audit to identify where your gaps and opportunities lie.

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