Posted 10/19/2020

Introducing Serv - SA’s First B2B Lead Based Marketing Platform

Introducing Serv - SA’s First B2B Lead Based Marketing Platform

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa employ around 60% of the workforce and contribute nearly 35% to our GDP. Despite this, the SME sector is the most overlooked in the country and small businesses often do not have the necessary resources to help them succeed. 

Serv is a B2B marketplace launched by SME South Africa, a leading business resources platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, to address some of the big challenges South African SMEs face; namely generating sales and revenue, access to markets as well as marketing and sales. 

What is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is an online market that connects B2B service providers with businesses seeking professional services (qualified leads). This is done through a lead matching program which matches them based on project requirements. 

The benefits of a B2B Marketplace

In addition to lead generation, small businesses looking to advertise their products and services can do this at a much cheaper rate than through other advertising channels. Advertising is not cheap but is necessary for small businesses and a platform like Serv makes it possible for small businesses to put themselves out there while still getting new customers. 

Other big benefits of a B2B Marketplaces are increased brand awareness, sales, website traffic and SEO rankings, as well as reaching new customers and markets and collecting proven customer reviews. 

How SERV works

The Serv platform caters for both service providers (small businesses) and service seekers (businesses seeking professional services). 

How it works for Service Providers

  1. List as a service provider on the B2B Marketplace – Serv.

  2. Businesses looking for professional services submit their project brief and service requirement. 

  3. Serv sends details of the lead and their project brief to matching service providers.

  4. Registered service providers can accept the lead and send quote proposal. 

  5. When the task is complete clients are able to review your business and service offering. 

Join Serv Now

Serv offers three packages that small businesses can join. With the premium package you are able to get qualified leads, publish articles and get access to the lead matching program, a dedicated profile analyst, premium support and analytics. 

If you are a small business owner in accounting, human resources, IT, marketing, web development and business services such as company registration then list your services on Serv and get qualified leads today. 

Join Serv for Qualified B2B Leads

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