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Submitted by PracIT on 08/13/2021

Great client service

Overall Rating

I was doubtfull about them bragging about client service and results, as we have been through many collection agents all promising the same thing. Que however reacted immediately. I did not even leave the enquiry and 2mins later my phone rang. Whilst they discussed my needs with me I looked on their website. After the call, their email was in my inbox. I then thought “a new broom sweeps clean”. Again with their success rates I was surprised. Never in my life had we had a company who collects outstanding debts so quickly. We had great results and feedback from them within 17 days, when month end came. We have been with Que for just over 2 years now and we have never looked back. Being a medical prac we were worried about losing patients, but we never did. Neither was there any awkwardness when patients walked in knowing that they had been handed over. I will recommend Que as the top collector, especially in medical debt, in possibly the country. Great work guys

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