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Posted 10/25/2021

How Marketplaces Support Small Businesses

How Marketplaces Support Small Businesses

Many entrepreneurs go into business to realise their ambition and vision. Many will face challenges along their journey, the good news however, is that you don’t have to go at it alone. 

There are many support structures that entrepreneurs can take advantage of, whether it's a mentor, a coach or the support of a community, and what many not be familiar with, listing in a marketplace.  

Why smart entrepreneurs ask for help along the way 

  • Learning experience -benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. 

  • Grow your business faster - learn from the experience of others and get to focus on the areas that you are good at. 

  • Build great connections - build great connections and business networks.

Here are 4 ways business owners can take advantage of external services and support

  • Say yes to consulting - there are a number of consulting services that you can use who are eager to help you get started and focus on the areas that you need help in. 

  • Join social media groups - social media is a great place to find like minded entrepreneurs. There are a number of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that you can join and start connecting with other entrepreneurs. You can also ask questions on the groups to other entrepreneurs. 

  • Consider mentorship and coaching - according to SME South Africa, a business advisor and mentor can help a business owner to develop by providing critical strategic business advice and support, as well as guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modeling.

  • Join a marketplace - a marketplace is a good place to start. Radial explains that marketplaces act as an online space where multiple retailers can come together to sell products or services to customers while marketing your business. 

How marketplaces support small businesses

Marketplaces offers an alternative way for small businesses to market their products or services. Small businesses can market their businesses on marketplaces, reach larger audiences and do so at a cheaper rate than most advertising solutions. 

By being listed on a marketplace customers are more likely to trust your business or services especially  when they can see that others have used your services and are happy with the services rendered. A marketplace allows customers to compare quotes. This means that you are able to compete in a completely neutral market. 

South Africa’s First B2B Service Marketplace 

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