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Getting Listed

How To Sign Up On Serv as a Business Service Provider

There are three ways to get listed on our Marketplace:

  • You can sign up by clicking the "Get Listed" text on the far top right from the homepage.

  • You can sign to be a Service Provider by clicking on the 'Are You A Service Provider' Button from the footer.

  • Last but not least you can sign up to be a Serv Service Provider on our blog posts page side bar.

Completing a Profile

How can I complete my profile

Step 1

Fill in your Contact Details, so that your ideal customer can find you. The following details need to be filled out:

  • Type of Listing
  • Business Category
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name and
  • Company Description 


Step 2

Listing Details, once you have chosen type of business, you will be required to choose your specific business category in your listing details. 

This is all you need to complete your profile listing and appear on the Marketplace Listing page. However, in order to get more customers, it is advisable to complete your full profile. The more details you give, the more credibility it gives your business. 

Step 3

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Email

Step 4

Your Profile Photo is not compulsory, however it could help with brand awareness and showing credibility. You can put your business logo there. 


Watch the Video Below on How To Sign up And Create a Listing on Serv


Managing Leads

How do I get leads?

When a business requests a quote that matches your business services, that lead will be matched with you automatically. You will receive a notification on the email address that you singed up with and on your Serv profile listing page. 

You can access your leads on the left menu bar under the Manage Leads option from your profile listing page;

Once you open the Manage Leads option you are going to be able to see the businesses that have been matched to you. You can view more details on the lead by clicking on View More;

By clicking on View More you will be able to see the lead details, from there you can decide whether to purchase the lead or decline it.

After you purchase the lead, the company email address and phone number will be revealed immediately after successful purchase so you can start contacting them.

How to Add Credit to Your Account

  • To add credits to your account, you need to deposit the amount of credits you want on your account to SME banking details which can be requested by emailing to support at
  • Once you deposit the money to SME banking details and sent the Proof of Payment, you account will reflect credits availability like the one below;

  • To view your available credits, you need to navigate to Billing information under your Account section.
  • Benefits of having credits is that automatically your credits will be used for your next payment, whether you are buying leads or upgrading your account.

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