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Know Our Marketplace

What is Serv?

Serv is the only B2B Service Marketplace in South Africa, an SME South Africa PTY LTD product. We connect businesses seeking professional service firms with top providers. 

What is an Online Marketplace?

An Online Marketplace is an online market that connects service providers with businesses seeking professional services (qualified leads). This is done through a lead matching program which matches them based on project requirements. 

FAQs By Service Providers

Is Serv free?

SMEs can choose from three different packages, this includes the Basic Plan (free), Standard Plan (R125 p/m or R1,500 p/a) and Premium Plan (R200 p/m or R2,400 p/a).

What does the term ‘get listed’ mean?

‘Get listed’ on the Serv website means that you will be registering your company on the website and your business will appear on the search rankings of the Serv directory.  

Who can get listed on Serv?

Businesses that provide B2B services in the fields of Accounting, Digital Marketing, Business Consultation, Website Development and Design, SEO, Social Media, Training and Development, Recruitment Services, IT Services and Support, Business Law, Logistics and Supply.  

How Do I Get My Company Listed on Serv?

Create a free company profile at and start getting leads. 

Select a Profile Offering: Basic, Standard, Premium 

Process payment if you choose our standard or premium package

Set up your company profile and start receiving quality leads

What Is Serv Lead Matching Program?

Serv's Lead Matching program matches prospective leads with service providers listed on

Step 1: Leads looking for service providers; submit their project requirements through our online lead form. 

Step 2: Serv assesses the project requirements and creates a shortlist of qualifying service providers that may match the project. 

Step 3: If you are interested and willing to carry out the service, you will accept the lead, make a payment, and connect with a potential client. 

How can my company benefit from being on Serv?

Allows you to generate awareness about your business and the product/service that you provide.

Provides you with the opportunity to increase sales and your profit ratio.

Get your ideal customer using lead-based marketing as it gives you the ability to be more intentional about who you target.

Reach new customers and markets.

Posting your website URL to a B2B Service Marketplace can help to increase traffic to your website.

A B2B service marketplace is one of the most effective ways to collect proven client reviews.

What are the benefits of a standard account?

  • Business appears as the second tier in search results as opposed to 3rd tier ( Word has it that 60% of clicks on a search results page go to the top 3 results)
  • List your business in 5 categories and 5 cities.
  • Get exclusive premium leads. 
    Premium support and analytics  

What are the benefits of a premium account?

  • You can publish your own articles that help position you as an expert within your business category.
  • You get your own dedicated analyst. 
  • List your business in unlimited categories and cities.
  • Your business will appear first in search results.

What are the payments methods available on Serv?

Cheque and Credit Cards. To Pay via EFT, email support to request banking details then after you can send the money and Proof of payment to support at and within 24 hours your listing will be upgraded/created.

How can I get a refund?

Within 14 days of the User Subscribing, the user can request a refund by emailing support to After your request has been accepted you will receive a confirmation email within 2 days that your refund has been issued and your refund should be in your bank account within 7 days after a refund has been released. You can also request a refund on lead purchases within 24 hours which will be added as a credit to your account that allows you to buy the next lead without paying anything.

What is lead generation?

Lead-based marketing, sometimes known as lead generation, is the process of attracting leads - individuals who have shown interest in your business’s product or service offering -  and converting them into sales prospects - qualified contacts who have been moved further along the sales process and are ready to become customers.

How can my client leave a review?

If you are a standard or premium member, you are able to receive and respond to reviews. Free membership accounts are unable to receive or respond to reviews. 

If you would like your client to leave a review they can go to the Write a Review page, fill in your category (i.e. Marketing etc.) and location (i.e. Johannesburg etc), click on your profile on the directory and click review. 

Alternatively, customers can go directly to your profile, click view listing and click Write a Review. 

About our Lead Service

How Are Serv Leads Different From Sites Out There?

Serv B2B marketplace is built around a philosophy of better leads, lower prices and friendlier service. We also give professionals better tools to manage the leads we send them

How Many Companies Get Each Lead?

We send our leads to a maximum of 3 companies. Most other services send them to 5. We feel that is too much competition for companies and too many calls from customers.

How Does Billing Work?

Companies can purchase leads with any major bank card. They are able to update their banking card information whenever purchasing a new lead or at any time from within their account settings.

How Much Do Leads Cost?

Serv allows companies to choose between either a Free, Standard or Premium Account. Members with free listings can purchase leads for R100.00 each. Standard Members can purchase leads for half price which is R50.00 and the Premium can purchase leads for R30.00 each.

How Many leads Will I get?

There is no way for us to determine exactly how many leads you will get. It depends on your location and how many companies are in your area. It also depends on other factors like how many leads you have already accepted or declined and your general history with us.

How Many Leads Will Turn Into Clients?

We do not make any type of guarantee as to how many leads will turn into clients. Companies with good communication skills and a strong sales and follow-up process in place tend to have more success turning leads into clients.

If you are not comfortable talking to people or have poor sales skills, you may want to find someone else to handle those aspects of the leads to increase your chances of success.

What Happens If I Get A "Bad" Lead?

We define a bad lead as any lead with invalid contact information, a lead where the consumer claims they never submitted a quote request. If you get a "bad" lead we will provide a credit on your account that can be applied towards future leads you choose to accept.

Occasionally you may get a lead for someone with a low budget or who is not interested in your work. While we do not officially credit for these, we may make exceptions based on your credit history with us.

Will I Be Able To See A Preview Of A Lead Before Accepting (Or Declining) It?

Yes. Serv currently offers lead previews and automatically matches listed companies with leads based on location and services requested.

How Will I Be Notified When There Is A New Lead?

Immediately after we verify the phone number, emails are sent to listed companies that best match the details of the project. The emails will contain all the project details that were provided to Serv. Additionally, you may view the status of all your leads from within your Serv Account under the menu tab titled "Manage Leads". Upon accepting and purchasing a lead, all the information needed to contact the service seeker will be available.

Five Tips for B2B Service Providers

  1. Respond quickly: Customers like to hear from professionals as soon as possible. Being the first to respond makes you more likely to secure the business.
  2. Contact the customer: When you introduce yourself to a customer, always call them straight away. They are expecting to hear from you. You will be emailed their details and will also access them through your Pro account. 
  3. Give a quote: if possible, give the customer a quote immediately. 
  4. Complete your profile: This is your opportunity to show off what you do. Potential customers love reading about professionals, so make sure your profile is complete and up to date.
  5. Follow up with the customer. Ring them again, email them again, or maybe send them a follow-up SMS. Not all business is secured on the day you purchase the lead – lots of business is secured on the 2nd and 3rd, for example.

FAQs by Service Seekers

What does the term ‘Request a Quote indicate?

‘Request a Quote indicates that, as a service seeker, you are able to make a selection of the product category that you want and we’ll match you with qualified partners who will get back to you with a quote.

Who can get a quote on Serv?

Businesses and individuals who are looking for B2B Services in the fields of Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Development and Design, Information Technology and Business Services.

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