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Posted 10/04/2021

How Serv is Helping Small Businesses to Save Money in Tough Times

How Serv is Helping Small Businesses to Save Money in Tough Times

Small businesses have been the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with cash flow being one of the biggest challenges that small businesses are faced with in South Africa. Many small businesses are facing decreased income which is outweighed by mounting expenses. 

As if that was not enough, business owners are also facing other challenges including limited access to markets, inadequate sales, expanding their digital footprint and the inability to gain qualified leads. Understandably, many small businesses are looking for new ways to cut costs. Entrepreneurs want more for less and are looking for innovative products to help them grow their businesses. 

There are effective ways to market your business while cutting costs. One of the ways you can cut costs is by joining an online marketplace. Online marketplaces allow your business to raise brand awareness, market your products and services, and get qualified leads. 

Cut costs by listing on a marketplace and get these benefits

- Marketplaces have cheaper pricing models with the option to pay per month or yearly. 

- It is cheaper to pay per lead as opposed to paying for a marketing campaign that might not yield the expected results. 

- Marketplaces are cheaper than owning a website. The costs of owning a website include web hosting and domain fees, subscription fees, POS fees and transaction fees.

How Serv has helped SMEs in South Africa by helping increase revenue and reduce costs 

A new addition to South Africa’s marketplace landscape, Serv is the country’s first B2B service marketplace. Serv connects B2B service providers offering professional services, including accounting, marketing, IT, web development and business consulting services with business service seekers.

By listing on Serv, small businesses can gain access to markets, expand their digital presence, as well as secure qualified B2B customers. 

Over the last year, Serv has grown from 200 pre-registered B2B Services to 1,500 registered and verified B2B service providers on the platform. This means more SMEs are getting exposure to thousands of potential customers, for as little as R150 p/m as opposed to paying thousands for a campaign with no ROI. 

SMEs also get access to qualified leads through the platform. Since Serv launched, we have distributed thousands of qualified leads to B2B businesses listed on Serv. This means B2B businesses are getting access to real customers and driving real revenue. 

How SERV works

The Serv platform caters for both service providers (small businesses) and service seekers (businesses seeking professional services). 

How it works for listed Service Providers

  1. List as a service provider 

  2. Complete your profile including business contact details, type of listing, profile photo and more. 

  3. Get notified each time there is a request for a quote for services that match your business listing

  4. Get access to the project brief and service requirements once you purchase the lead. 

  5. Serv sends details of the lead and their project brief to matching service providers.

  6. Registered service providers can accept the lead and send quote proposals. 

  7. When the task is complete clients can review your business and service offering. 

Serv has introduced new categories that ensure that we are helping all B2B service providers that exist in South Africa. Find the full list here

Join Serv today and Start your Journey Towards Business Growth

How Serv B2B Marketplace Can Help You 

Are you a B2B SME looking for leads? Join Serv today for as little as R125 per month and start getting leads straight to your inbox. Using Serv, small B2B businesses can market themselves, save money, and start competing with big businesses. 

SMEs looking for B2B Service Providers can also easily and quickly find a local B2B Service Provider. Whether you are looking for an accountant, web developer or business consultant, explore Serv today and find a trusted service provider.

Learn more about Lead Generation and Serv B2B Service Marketplace on our FAQ Page.

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