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Posted 09/27/2021

How to get small businesses to start using your services

How to get small businesses to start using your services

Many business owners find it difficult to outsource any of the key business functions. Trusting someone else with your business can be difficult and it requires that they let go of control and get the help of experts. 

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How do you get business owners to trust you and start making use of your services.

Here are 5 ways to get customers to start outsourcing business functions to you. 

  1. Highlight your value 

It is important to clearly communicate the value of the service you have to offer and how small business' stands to benefit from making use of your expert services, including helping them generate more sales, run a more efficient business or save on costs.

  1. Understand their needs 

Identify what your customers' needs are and find ways to solve those needs/problems. Let them know how your business is going to solve their problems. 

  1. Price 

Price is one of the determining factors people consider when choosing a product or service. Ensure that you are upfront about your price and communicate the return on investment they can expect. 

  1. Share testimonials

It is easier for business owners to trust you if they see previous work done and you can show them testimonials from happy customers. 

  1. Join a directory to make it easier for them to find you

List your business on a B2B marketplace to make it easier for business owners to find your business Being part of a directory not only exposes your business to customers, it also gives your business credibility. More business owners are using marketplace directories to find new services that they are looking for, and being listed 

Join a Marketplace

How to list your business on the Serv marketplace 


Registering on an online marketplace is easy. Here is the 4-step process for registering on Serv:


1.Ensure that your service offering is eligible to be listed on Serv. Serv is a B2B service marketplace, only businesses in the fields of Accounting, Business Consultation, Website Development and Design, Marketing, IT Services and Support, and Business Essentials, can register. 

2. Select a Profile Offering: Basic, Standard, Premium. 

3. Process payment if you choose our standard or premium package.

4. Set up your company profile and start receiving quality leads. 

How Serv B2B Marketplace Can Help You 

Are you a B2B SME looking for leads? Join Serv today for as little as R125 per month and start getting leads straight to your inbox. Using Serv, small B2B businesses can market themselves, save money, and start competing with big businesses. 


SMEs looking for B2B Service Providers can also easily and quickly find a local B2B Service Provider. Whether you are looking for an accountant, web developer or business consultant, explore Serv today and find a trusted service provider.


Learn more about Lead Generation and Serv B2B Service Marketplace on our FAQ Page.

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