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Posted 08/16/2021

How to Promote Your Business Through Online Marketplaces

How to Promote Your Business Through Online Marketplaces

Have you ever considered listing your business on a marketplace as a way to start promoting your business? 

Marketing consists of the 4Ps, which are formally referred to as Product, Place, Price and Promotion. You have got the first 3Ps, what you are going to sell (product/service), you know exactly how much you are going to charge (price) and you have determined the location of your business (place) now the only thing left is for you to promote your business to your target audience. Promoting your B2B service business does not have to be complicated.   

An online marketplace is an online platform where vendors can list their products and services in order to meet sellers and complete transactions that would otherwise be completed offline. Think of it as a business website, without all the added admin of handling your own website. It exposes your business to new markets while promoting your business and helping you make that sale. 

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Not sure if you should list your business on an online marketplace? Serv is a local B2B service marketplace that aims to connect B2B service providers with businesses seeking professional services. We answer some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about Marketplaces. 

Why should I join a marketplace and not just build my own website? 

Having a website is great for credibility, however, 60% of online transactions happen through online marketplaces. Listing your business on a marketplace means that you get more business exposure. 

I don’t have a website, can I sign up for a Marketplace?

Yes, being on a marketplace is one of the best places to be online. Not only does it ensure visibility, but it also exposes you to new markets. 

How does signing up benefit me and my business? 

  • A marketplace offers an alternative way for you to market your products or services. Small businesses can market their businesses on marketplaces and reach larger audiences. 

  • Small businesses which don’t have big marketing budgets can use marketplaces to advertise their products or services for a small fee. 

  • Being listed on a marketplace allows your business to be exposed to new markets beyond your location.

  • Customers are more likely to trust your business or services when they can see that others have used your services and are happy with the services rendered. Your customers act as your brand ambassadors.  

  • A marketplace allows customers to compare quotes. This means that you are able to compete in a completely neutral market. 

How will my customers find my business if I have signed up to Serv?

Serv is the only B2B service marketplace that offers a niche audience. People who visit the Serv platform are already looking for your type of services and they can find your business under the product category you have chosen. Remember that Standard customers are listed second tier in search results. Meaning that they are more visible to customers. 

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Are marketplaces profitable? 

Marketplaces are a good place for small businesses to market themselves and their service offerings. Being on a marketplace exposes your business to many more customers, meaning that the business will be making sales. 

Here are a few ways to make sales on a service marketplace like Serv:

  • Ask questions and understand your potential customers problem. 

  • Demonstrate how your business is a solution for your potential customer. 

  • Once you receive a lead, keep it warm. Call the potential client immediately with a quote

  • Ask for the sale. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. 


How do I get a lead? 

A lead is a potential customer that is interested in the services that you offer. A customer will enquire about your particular product or service and then you will receive a lead notification via email or SMS, if you are interested in the lead and would like to send the potential customer a quote, you will receive their full details. 

The lead price will be based on your membership. Basic members pay R100 for a lead, while Standard members pay R50 for a lead and Premium members pay R30 for a lead. 

How Serv Can Help You 

On the Serv service marketplace, leads or potential customers come to you. At Serv, we will send you lead notification via email or sms, as soon as we get a lead that matches your business. You can review the lead and purchase it only if you would like to make contact with the potential customer. For more information on Lead Generation and Serv B2B Service Marketplace visit our FAQ Page

Serv gives small B2B businesses a platform to shine and compete with big corporations. Browse through Serv and find a local B2B Service Provider who can help your business or better yet Join Serv now for as little as R125 per month and get qualified leads straight to your inbox. 

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