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Posted 11/15/2021

The Best Time to Go Digital is During Black Friday

The Best Time to Go Digital is During Black Friday

The biggest sale of the year is looming and as many consumers spend their money on frivolous wants, why not invest in your business this Black Friday? 


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses adopting technology, and while a few have gone digital, many still lag behind. Deloitte recently reported that 46% of senior leaders didn’t feel confident leading an organisation in the digital economy. According to James Bayhack, director for sub-Saharan Africa at, there is a general belief that most of these leaders do not understand a company’s tech needs or even what it means to be truly digital. 

SME South Africa conducted a whitepaper on the use of technology among SMEs. Here are three reasons why you should invest in tech today: 

- Access new markets beyond their location.

- Allows you to reduce business costs. 

- Improve efficiency and competitiveness. 


Use Black Friday to invest in these tech solutions and services. 


Hire an IT professional

An IT professional can bring your business up to speed with the latest technology, help you develop a long term IT strategy and protect your business from cyber attacks. IT professionals are able to help you figure out how best to go digital. 

Find an IT professional here 


Get a website 

Building a website can seem like a daunting task, however it is very important for your business to be visible online. A website allows you to do exactly that, while exposing your business to thousands of customers. Hiring a professional web developer and designer is the best way to build your website.

Request a quote from our web developers 


Hire business consultants 

Business consultants are able to help you understand how to best transition into the digital world. Business consultants can help you put in place effective business strategies. They can help you come up with effective marketing strategies and offer a fresh perspective on your current strategies and guide you on what is working and what should change. 

You can find your business consultant here 

Black Friday is the best time for you to research and invest in services that you will need to further equip your business. Software companies will offer Black Friday discounts this Black Friday and you should hop in and buy these now. 

Find your service providers on Serv

You can use the Serv marketplace now to start connecting with different service providers. Here are a list of service providers in the digital space:

IT Services and Solutions  

Web Development and Design 

Cyber Security 

How Serv B2B Marketplace Can Help You 


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Learn more about Lead Generation and Serv B2B Service Marketplace on our FAQ Page.

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