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Posted 08/02/2021

Using Lead Generation to get more Customers for Service Businesses

Using Lead Generation to get more Customers for Service Businesses

Finding customers is one of the very first hurdles that small businesses need to jump. However, finding customers is not as easy as people may think. Are you at that phase in your business life cycle where everything has become stagnant, you have exhausted your friends and family list and they have all supported you, now the only thing left for you to do is find new customers? Lead generation is one strategy that small businesses can take on to acquire new customers. 

Have you ever wondered what lead generation is and what it truly means for your business? Find out what lead generation is and how you can use it as a customer acquisition strategy. 

What is a lead? 

A lead is an individual or business that is interested in your products or services and would like to enquire further about said product or service. They are a potential customer and still need you to convince them why they should choose your business over the next. 

What is lead generation? 

Lead generation is the process of attracting leads - individuals who have shown interest in your business’ product or service offering -  and converting them into sales prospects - qualified contacts who have been moved further along the sales process and are ready to become customers. 

How does lead generation work? 

Lead generation allows businesses to contact individuals (leads) who have previously shown interest in their products or services or similar types of businesses, contact them and ultimately convert them into a sale. 

How to qualify a lead? 

Qualifying a lead is the process it takes to determine if the individual is your ideal customers. According to The Balance Careers, qualifying a lead helps save business owners both time and money pursuing a lead who is not in a position to buy your products or services. 

There are a number of ways to qualify a lead and that has got to do with the type of lead that you would like. Here are four different leads according to HubSpot

  • Marketing qualified leads: are leads who are fit to get any marketing communication from your business. 

  • Product qualified leads: have indicated a strong interest in the product. 

  • Sales qualified leads: these are prospective clients who are ready to be connected with a sales representative and begin the sales process. 

  • Conversion qualified leads: any lead who has converted on your website. 

Benefits of Lead Generation Marketing

The biggest benefit of lead generation marketing is that it is favourable for both the businesses and the customers. Businesses are able to get qualified leads while the customer is provided with a convenient way to find service providers. 

Additional benefits of lead generation for small businesses include:

  • Allows small business owners to generate awareness about their business and the product/service that they provide.

  • Provides you the opportunity to increase sales and your profit ratio. 

  • Get your ideal customer using lead-based marketing as it gives you the ability to be more intentional about who you target.

  • Reach new customers and markets. 

  • Posting your website URL to a B2B Service Marketplace can help to increase traffic to your website.

  • A B2B service marketplace is one of the most effective ways to collect proven client reviews.

Why should you pay for a lead? 

The lead generation platform acts as the middleman between you and your customer, they therefore charge you for exposing you to this customer. Here on Serv, we help connect service businesses with businesses seeking professional services. 

Over and above that, you are paying for the platform driving awareness, marketing your business on your behalf and getting you a qualified potential client. 

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How does lead generation support your sales funnel? 

Buying a lead does not mean that you are automatically guaranteed the sale. On Serv, we have done the hard part for you, which is getting the customer. Now you have to secure the sale. 

In the sales funnel there are steps that you are going to have to fulfill before getting the sale. The traditional sales funnel consists of Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. 

  • Awareness: with everything, you first need to make sure that people are aware of your product offering or service. 

  • Interest: this is the stage where the customer shows interest in product offering or the service you provide. 

  • Desire: this is the stage where the customer would like to utilise your business services but they still need to be convinced and given that final push. 

  • Action: this is the stage where you have sealed the deal, you have converted your prospect into the customer and have finally secured the sale. 

Lead generation focuses at the interest stage and that is why it is imperative that even though you have received a lead, you still create that desire and ensure that you get the sale. 

What to do when you get a qualified lead

So what happens once you get a qualified lead? We look at some ways you can keep your lead warm and ensure that they turn into a long-term customer. 

Here are five easy steps to ensure that your lead turns into a customer. 

1. Get their attention and ask them questions

Acknowledge that you have a new lead and get their attention by all means. Get to know them and the problem they are looking to solve by asking them questions.

2. Focus on solving their problems and demonstrate your expertise and value

Once you know what their problems are, focus on solving them and in the process demonstrate your expertise and the value your business can bring to them.

3. Show them the potential ROI (Return on Investment) 

Demonstrate to your lead how your service is going to benefit their business in the long run, and the return in profits they will get from using your business.

4. Ask for the sale 

Give them a quotation and let them know that they are in good hands. 

5. Send a thank you note, follow up and push for a secondary conversion

Once you have completed your service, send  a thank you note. Follow up with them in a few weeks to see if they are still happy with your services and push for a secondary conversion. For example if you are a web developer who has built a website for a client upsell to them and push to build them an eCommerce store.  

How Serv Can Help You 

On the Serv service marketplace, leads or potential customers come to you. Once you have secured your leads all you have to do is convince them to choose your business over your competitors.

Serv gives small B2B businesses a platform to shine and compete with big corporations. Join Serv now for as little as R150 per month and get qualified leads straight to your inbox.

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