Posted 11/16/2020

What to do when you get your first lead

What to do when you get your first lead

Have you ever wondered how or why companies such as insurance and banks are able to get your contact details and contact you through a phone call, SMS or email? The answer is they are making use of lead generation. 

Lead generation allows businesses to contact individuals (leads) who have previously shown interest in their products or services, or similar type of businesses, contact them and ultimately convert them into a sale. 

To build up a database of quality leads that they can reach out to and try to convert, most business will buy leads (or sign up to a lead generation platform) which usually involves getting access to individuals' emails, phone numbers, or addresses. The benefit of this for businesses is that they acquire more sales. 

SMEs now have access 

The concept of lead generation has been around for many years but has largely been used by big corporation such as insurance companies and banks. 

For the first time with Serv, the same great benefits of lead generation are now available to SMEs. Serv fills a gap in the market by granting B2B SMEs the opportunity to purchase qualified leads which are businesses seeking professional services. 

How Serv Works 

Businesses looking for professional services submit their project briefs and service requirements. Serv then sends details of the lead and their project brief to matching service providers. Registered service providers can accept the lead and send quote proposals. 

What to do when you get a qualified lead

So what happens once you get a qualified lead? We look at some ways you can keep your lead warm and ensure that they turn into a long-term customer. 

Here are five easy steps to ensure that your lead turns into a customer. 

  1. Get their attention and ask them questions

Acknowledge that you have a new lead and get their attention by all means. Get to know them and the problem they are looking to solve by asking them questions.

  1. Focus on solving their problems and demonstrate your expertise and value

Once you know what their problems are, focus on solving them and in the process demonstrate your expertise and the value your business can bring to them.


  1. Show them the potential ROI (Return on Investment) 

Demonstrate to your lead how your service is going to benefit their business in the long run, and the return in profits they will get from using your business.

  1. Ask for the sale 

 Give them a quotation and let them know that they are in good hands. 

  1. Send a thank you note, follow up and push for a secondary conversion

Once you have completed your service, send  a thank you note. Follow up with them in a few weeks to see if they are still happy with your services and push for a secondary conversion. For example if you are a web developer who has built a website for a client upsell to them and push to build them an eCommerce store.  

How Serv Can Help You 

The great thing about signing up to a marketplace like Serv is that leads or potential customers come to you instead of you having to find them. Once you have the lead all you have to do is convince the customer why they should choose you over your competitors.

Serv gives small B2B businesses a platform to shine and compete with big corporations. Join Serv now for as little as R125 per month and get qualified leads straight to your inbox.

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