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Posted 11/09/2021

How Service Based Businesses Can Take Advantage of Black Friday

How Service Based Businesses Can Take Advantage of Black Friday

There is a misconception that only retail businesses can take advantage of Black Friday. This is your reminder that you can also take advantage of the biggest sale of the year - even if you have a service-based business. 

The past year has seen an increase in the use of e-commerce services. Deloitte estimates that 2 in 3 respondents will shop online in the year 2021 in South Africa. This means more than 50% of online shoppers are using the internet to find new products and services. You want to take advantage of this rising trend and ensure that you can reach as many consumers as possible.

Here are four ways that service-based businesses can take advantage of Black Friday:

  1. Put together service packages 

Most service businesses offer more than one service so why not offer customers a package deal at a discounted price? An example of this is if your business offers financial management services, you can bundle up all your services and offer bookkeeping, taxation services and advisory services all in one package. 

  1. Utilise social media and websites 

Many customers will be looking at social media, especially the accounts they engage with the most, to see if they are offering Black Friday specials. The beginning of November is the best time to announce your offering and any promotions that you will be offering during Black Friday. This will help your customers to plan and budget for your service offerings. Use this time to let them know why your services are important and why they should utilise your services this Black Friday. 

  1. Extend your discount period

Many customers may be hesitant to purchase a service during the Black Friday period if they are not currently in need of it. To reassure customers to get them to take the leap, extend the period that they can make use of the service for up to 6 months, or even a year.  

  1. Invest in lead generation

Lead generation is a tool that many small businesses have not tapped into. Black Friday is the best time to invest in leads. Buy as many leads as possible through a marketplace and use your ongoing Black Friday discounts and packages to attract potential customers and engage with them to eventually become ongoing customers.  

Buy leads this Black Friday 

Several consumers will be focused on buying big items that they have been eyeing for the past year and while they do that, you can invest back into your business and see it grow. One of the things that you can do to help your business grow is to invest in lead generation this Black Friday.  

Lead generation acts as the middleman between you and your customer. Here at Serv, we help connect service businesses with businesses seeking professional services.  

How Serv B2B Marketplace Can Help You 

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Learn more about Lead Generation and Serv B2B Service Marketplace on our FAQ Page.

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