Posted 10/30/2020

Serv - A Marketplace for SME Service Providers

Serv - A Marketplace for SME Service Providers

Are you a SME service provider in the B2B sector? This article looks at how the Serv marketplace helps to connect B2B service providers in South Africa, such as yourself, with other businesses looking for professional services and how this can help boost business growth. 

Why Serv for SME service providers 

A marketplace like Serv holds many benefits for SME service providers, the biggest one is helping you to find leads through lead generation. This is the process of converting prospects, who have shown interest in your product or service, into paying customers. Other advantages of B2B Marketplaces are increased brand awareness and sales, as well as improved web traffic and SEO rankings. 

Service Providers on Serv

The following service provider categories can be found on Serv: Accounting, HR and Personnel, IT, Business Solutions and Marketing. 

See below for more information on the services provided by each business category on Serv.   

  • Accounting Services - Accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services. 

  • Human Resource and Personnel - Hiring of employees, background checks, health and safety management and more can find clients who are looking for these services. 

  • Information Technology - Web hosting and domain, IT support, IT infrastructure and many more.   

  • Marketing services - Branding, digital strategy, SEO, Pay-per-click and many more. 

  • Business services - Virtual assistance, business coaching, business plan and many more. 

  • Development and design - eCommerce solutions, web development and artificial intelligence.   

SME service providers in each of these categories can start generating leads now! Depending on which package you choose from as little as R125 per month, you have the opportunity to get access to exclusive premium leads, photo and video gallery to upload pictures of your service, you can receive and respond to reviews, premium support and analytics… Just from one platform.

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